Um, Hello Again?

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Whew! It’s been a LONNGG time since I’ve posted anything! Oops? It IS the holidays after all.

Good for you, not much in my life changes regularly. 😉 I still have the same job, same, woofs, still drink LOTS of wine and do pretty much the same things every day.  

Seeing as how we’re just finishing up with the holidays, I suppose I’ll recap them.  I was afforded 3 whole days off in a ROW for Christmas. I guess it was actually only 2 since Sunday is technically my day off anyway. It was really great having some time off, even though the holidays tend to stress me out without me even being aware of it. I can become an absolute monster, and disappoint everyone in some drunken stupor, in a matter of one night, and not remember any of it the next day, It always happens. I guess it’s part of me. A part I’m not super proud of, but, I am far from perfect. 

Christmas Eve was a pretty nice day. I received a gift early in the morning of some really nice fuzzy pants and house shoes. They are AMAZING. Lots of errands throughout the day and ending with drinks at a local brewery with some friends. I really enjoyed it. My favorite part though was coming home to exchange gifts with the person that means the most to me. EVEN THOUGH HE ALREADY KNEW A BUNCH OF THEM. (Here’s looking at you, PDot) That being said, the only thing I ever want from my significant other is to spend time with him. Drinking wine, listening to music, talking, etc. That is the perfect night for me. He isn’t home a whole lot due to working in a different state, and that gets tough more times than not. But, the time I do get to spend with him, makes it all worth it.

Christmas Day started when I woke up oh, 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave to go to PDot’s brother’s house. He has 3 boys that are probably some of the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet. We always like to go and watch them experience all that Christmas magic we all experienced as kids. They even got a letter from Santa! How exciting! I wish Santa would write me sometime. Damn, gonna have to get off the naughty list sometime soon… 

They were only there until about noon, then their mom came and picked them up. We stayed another hour or so, drank a little bit more wine, and then went home. Another one of my dearest friends come over to exchange gifts. We always get each other the best stuff. I am super jealous of her UGG brand comforter Pdot got her! It is the fuzziest, fluffiest, best blanket ever! I may have to give into the inevitable “girl’s night” that I HATE, in order to stay the night and cuddle up with that bia. 😉

Fast forward a week, when it is so cold, people shouldn’t even leave their homes, let alone get drunk, get an Uber, then have to go to work the next day.  At least in my profession.

We had a small get together, per the usual. Fewer people this year than usual, but we had a few friends/family out of town, and some that just couldn’t be here. It’s okay though, we always have the best time! Somehow, we always end up annihilating several bottles just for shot purposes. I don’t partake in shots because I learned a LONG time ago that I am not a shot girl. I gave it a good run in my early 20’s, and I will definitely still give a fireball shot or a kamikaze a run for its money. But that’s where it ends! So, as midnight approaches, we tune in to what we think is live coverage of the ball dropping. So we’re waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and it really doesn’t look like much is going on. Until one of our party members says, “Uh, guys? It’s like 12:02.”



What a way to start 2018. Late, drunk, but still having a hell of a lot of fun. 

Now that I think about it, that seems to be how I want to start every year. 😉

HAPPY (belated) 2018 EVERYONE!!!

<3 M

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