Thirty Things About Being Thirty

A photo of green Kentucky fields with black plank fencing.

It’s Finally Here I have had the idea for this post for a little while now. Thirty is truly one of those milestones in your life that hits you like a freight train. Holy shit, you’re a real adult now. Like, people look at you to be the most adult one in the room. Most […]

We’re Engaged!

Wooden boardwalk stretching out over the beach and right to the ocean.

Yep! You guessed it! We got ENGAGED! Holy shit. That’s pretty much all I’ve been thinking for the past several weeks after our return home from the Dominican Republic. I should put things in a bit of context for you before I jump right into things. We love to travel and have been going to […]

Find Your Peace

People standing in surf on calm beach

One of the most important things in life is learning to find your inner peace. We all have so many things going on in our day to day, that it’s easy to forget to sit down and reflect on things. Relationships that may have expired, a job you have outgrown, or just that nagging feeling […]