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  • It’s Almost Time to get Married!

    It’s Almost Time to get Married!

    Wedding Bells Are Upon Us! We have less than a week to go before we leave for Mexico to get married! Holy cow! I am SO excited! I have never been more excited about a trip before in my life! Not only do we get married, but all of our family and friends will also…

  • Time Sure Does Fly

    Time Sure Does Fly

    It’s About Time! Welcome back, Melissa! It’s about time! It was only an 8-month hiatus. I have had SO many things going on in my life. Recently, they’ve all been incredibly positive. Previously? Not so much.  Where to Begin? I ended up deciding to ride one more breaking season last Fall, and that took up…

  • Therapy


    Let’s Just Jump Right In So after my last post, which turned out to be a great success, I got lots of questions about therapy. If you missed it, I had a short sentence about it on this blog. This is actually nothing new to me as I am usually pretty open about my experiences…