Time, Or The Lack Therof

Fireworks in Shelter Cove Marina on Hilton Head Island, SC 2018

Time; Why Is There Never Enough? Lord love a duck Y’all, it has been way too long! I don’t know why I used that phrase. My mom says it a lot and it’s been on my mind lately. Or perhaps I’ve just gone off the deep end. Either is probable. I haven’t written anything in […]

My Favorite Books

One horse to the left looking over a fence and one horse turned around looking at the camera.

What to Read? I always get questions on what are a few really good book recommendations. I typically only read mystery and suspense type books, but occasionally I will throw in some feel-good type fiction as well. My favorite books are psychological thrillers. I really enjoy books that have all kinds of twists and unexpected […]


Yearling horses staring off into the distance.

Let’s Just Jump Right In So after my last post, which turned out to be a great success, I got lots of questions about therapy. If you missed it, I had a short sentence about it on this blog. This is actually nothing new to me as I am usually pretty open about my experiences […]